Online Retail Direct Philosophy

We Urge you to support Local Skate Shops first and online Skateboard retailers as your second option. They are the backbone that keeps skateboarding alive and healthy in our communities.

As a Brand, we make our product available on our website page so you may always have access to our complete product line even if it is not available through your local skate retailer. We encourage you to ask them to buy Powerflex if they don't carry it now. Our goal is to have our product available in your local skate shop.

We sell our products on our website for our suggested retail price which may be higher or lower that what you may find available due to competitive forces, but we will always stay at our MSRP to avoid undermining our retailers and to be consistent and fair. 

You live in an amazing time when you are in charge of what sells, and nothing can be kept from you anymore making it more appealing for us to invest in technology that historically would have been easier to block by the competitive corporate forces in the Skate Industry who often disguise themselves well as authentic skater owned brands. As ridiculous as that sounds it's just the way it was, but is no more. Power has shifted back to the skater and Powerflex Cannot be stopped.

It's a great time to be a skater with access to everything worldwide. Thanks for your interest in Powerflex. 

Watching History Repeat Itself

A Blast from the Past is taking skateboarding into the Future. 

Watch our new wheels in Production

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